Saying ‘I Do’ this spring? Get a Hair Weave in Fort Lauderdale

Your wedding is your special day. You want everything to be perfect--especially your hair. Many brides begin planning how they will wear their hair before selecting a wedding dress. And for many brides, their dream look involves super long, flowing hair—even if they don't have it just yet! A hair weave can give you length, fullness, and beautiful shine. Rather than leave anything up to chance or hairspray, consider getting a hair weave in Fort Lauderdale.

Come to Classy Girl Beauty for your Bridal Hair Weave in Fort Lauderdale

If you choose to go with hair extensions, there are many options when it comes to length, volume, and texture. Here are four different kinds of hair weaves brides can choose from:

Many brides choose clip-ins because there is no commitment required; you just add in the clips when you want longer hair and remove them whenever you want.

These feel more like their real hair. Bonded extensions have keratin glue on the tip that is then attached to your hair. These last for up to four months and look and feel like natural hair.

These extensions are sewn on. Sewing a hair weave is a good idea for those without very thin hair. Sewn-in hair weaves last about two months.

This option is more involved than clip-ins, but less than sewn in weaves. Tape-in extensions are adhered to the scalp with what looks like a durable, two-sided tape. This look lasts about two months.

If you’re looking for amazing hair weaves in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to visit at Classy Girl Beauty Supply! We’ve got the best hairpieces for any bridal style. Whether you’re creating the perfect classic up-do, or you want to create a long, flowing romantic style, we have the hair you want. Stop by and visit one of our stores today!

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